It’s You, Not Them

Have you ever just need to get away? To take yourself on a vacation away from work, your home and even your dog? Well please know that it is very healthy to do so!  I recently went on vacation back home to the east coast.  I brought my partner of almost three years home for the first time and it was an overall amazing trip. What was truly amazing about it is that I got to take a little break from the dogs. I know, that sounds horrible. Well, honestly it shouldn’t . We live in a world where dog memes and social media pages such as “The DoDo” stream nothing but humans and their adorable dogs and all the adorable things they do with them. We are forced to sallow a pill of “you should be doing everything with your dog”. What I found out about myself after vacation is that I came back refreshed and happy to see them. I am prepared to dive back into their training, rested enough to properly exercise them and reminded of all the love I have for them.

We are a fast-paced society that tends to burn the candle at both ends. When you don’t take time for yourself, without your dog, you may actually be too tired and worn down to truly be there for them. How many walks have “waited till tomorrow” because you were too tired to do it. How much one-on-one time do you put aside for them besides just cuddling on the couch at the end of the night? Taking a weekend away, for yourself without mans best friend is still good for the soul. Once you have established a trust-worthy pet sitter (please refer to a previous blog post on how to do this) leaving your dog for an allotted amount shouldn’t be stressful either.

The most important thing about taking some time off is that you learn to reorganize your days and how much effort you’re putting into your dog. When you return home, begin a new routine of possibly taking extra long walks every other day. I would even consider taking a summer class together. You could even simply just plan a special hike that you would normally be too tired for.

Remember to create room for yourself so it allows more room for your dog!

Happy Training,
The DogLadies


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