Tales from the Doglady


Okay so let me get this straight, I think I am officially a millennial now. I’ve got my flannel on, a coffee in hand, and I’m working from home today. I’ve now started a blog and yes, my phone is right next to me. So according to older generations I think I’m pretty much there. What does make me a stand out however, is that most millennial’s don’t have a treat pouch strapped to them, poop bags in their pocket, and dog treats in places of their attire that they don’t need to be. What we have here is a full blown DOG LADY.

What exactly is a Dog Lady you ask? Well, its anyone, male or female, who has completely embraced the over the top “dog lover” lifestyle. For example, ladies and gents, (because dog dads are equally as awesome) can I get an amen from all of you who now have a dog purse or bag because of this new lifestyle? Let me guess, instead of lipstick, cover up and mascara you now carry extra treats, maybe a bully stick, and poop bags? What about your dogs favorite toy “just in case he needs something he likes” while you’re out shopping with them?  Well it sounds to me like you are already the ultimate “dog lover”. And you my friend, are exactly who this blog is dedicated too!

I wanted to start this whole blog idea not to necessarily jam dog training tips down your throat (however, that will still happen if I am fired up about something I see and don’t agree with). But to give dog lovers of all shapes and sizes something to laugh about. Something to read that you can relate too. Something to give you comfort that when your dog humps the cat, that you know you’re not alone – because really you aren’t my dog does it too.   A silver lining if you will; something for you after your dog just chased the neighbor’s Chihuahua down the street and now your neighbor calls you “THAT dog owner” in the neighborhood.

I want to tell the stories we are all embarrassed to tell. I want to laugh with you, cry with you, and give you a doggy save haven. I’m not perfect with my dogs and I know all of you aren’t either – we make mistakes, and why not over time learn how to laugh from them together. I’m tired of living in a judgmental dog society where I feel like I am constantly being assessed and questioned. Please, do tell me random person on the street, how SHOULD I be training my dog because the logo on my shirt that says “Down To Earth Doglady Training” means nothing right?
So, join me in laughing over stepping in poop when you swore it was a pine cone, and jumping out of bed like a ninja in the middle of the night because you hear your dogs puking.

Every week I will provide training tips, stories from a dog trainer, and attempt to bring humor into the depressing society that we live in. IMG_9365 Lets wag our tails together and pee on something fun 🙂 .

Okay maybe not that last part.. but you know what I mean.


Happy Training,

The Doglady.



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